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Technology has always been important part of my life and became the "yellow-brick-road" of my career. Only, it didn't ultimately lead to the Emerald City, but to Florida where the "Great and Powerful Oz" behind the curtain of BobjGear turns out to be... just lil' ol me, Bobj, at the head of the controls in my studio with my Weimaraner side-kick, Gracie.
Back in 2011, I bought my first Android tablet. To keep well informed, as you would expect the "Great and Powerful Oz" to do, I joined an online Android forum.  It was here that I quickly became aware of a desperate need within the Android Tablet community to find a quality, rugged case for these tablets. I knew that with my experience and passion, I could design one better than any that existed. Gracie agreed.
The forum members became my sounding board and provided their input. The result was a case unlike any available. It was ultra-protective, sturdy-yet-flexible, rugged-yet-comfortable, and fit like a glove. The word soon spread to tablet owners of all makes and models and the seeds were sown for the start of BobjGear.
To this day, I continue to personally design each new case. I work with forum members and beta testers to assess their needs. I meticulously address all design features of each unique tablet and then test the prototypes until I'm satisfied they work perfectly. Only then, do I release them to the market. I design my cases until I know I would want to buy them myself, above all others. Gracie agrees.
You will find an abundance of feedback on Amazon from our happy customers. I've also included some great Tablet Survival Stories right here
on our site for your reading pleasure. They often provide
comical proof that these cases work!
For those of you who treasure your techonology, as
I do, I am confident the Bobj Case will serve your
tablet beautifully and offer you the peace of mind
you deserve. Gracie agrees.
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