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Bobj Covers Tablet Survival Stories
Bobj Covers Tablet Survival Stories

Actual Customer Tablet Survival Stories

and some of our happy customer reviews from parents, teachers and companies

"Awesome case! My kid dropped his tablet off the porch into concrete and it just bounced around because of this awesome case."
"It passed the ultimate drop test, well maybe not drop test; I was up-set at something and I did the unthinkable, yep I threw it, I threw it about 10 to 12 feet and then it bounced off the tile floor, and NOTHING happened to the tablet."
"Works flawlessly. No damage from a 17 foot drop ..."
"BobjGear covers are the best. I'm so happy I waited for them to make this cover for my Lenovo 10 TB-X103F instead of getting some other cover. All of the buttons on my tablet still work perfectly, holes for the camera's are in the right spots, beveled edges make it easier to hold and the speaker ports are awesome. The ports direct the sound towards me instead of just losing it out the back. I was so confident with the quality of the cover, that I had to test out a claim that BobjGear makes. BobjGear says that their covers "bounce", so I dropped my tablet from 3ft, onto a wood floor, on its side and back, and they're right! It did bounce a little, but more importantly the tablet was unharmed. A+++++"
"I have replaced an IPAD screen. It's a real PITA! I like to watch TV and play games on my IPAD. Sometimes I fall asleep and the sound of the IPAD hitting the floor wakes me up. This protector is thick and rubbery enough on the corners to absorb the impact of saying "Hello" to the floor. It is very well made, not skimpy and it feels good. Plus it comes in pretty colors. Well worth the money."
When you have a three year old, you just accept...there will be accidents. Many, many accidents. I've watched my tablet take a couple bumps and falls since I got it. The real proof of its superior protection happened the other night though. While in the grocery store, my son accidentally dropped my tablet from his perch in the shopping cart. I was envisioning a cracked screen before it even hit the concrete floor. Much to my surprise, it bounced. Then bounced again. It kept bouncing from one end to the other until it settled face down. Once I got up the nerve to look, the screen was entirely intact. The tablet worked just fine. Thank you for an excellent product. My wallet appreciates you.
"Bought this for my daughters' tablet shortly after purchase. It's been over a year of abuse and there are no cracks to be seen. It's been dropped more times than I can count. It survived a fall onto hardwood from a bunk bed. It survived getting chucked across the room by an angry child and hitting the wall. The tablet played on, the child sat in time out."
"Had my tablet in this case on a trip back home. Tablet fell face down from the deck at my Dad's onto a concrete sidewalk. The whole time I was going to get it I expected the screen to be broke but I sure was surprised. No damage at all."
"As I was fastening the seat belt on one of my daughters, I placed the
tablets on the roof of my SUV, stacked on top of each other. Of course I got into the car without retrieving them and drove off with them still on the roof. When we got to our destination, 8 miles away, my wife received a phone call from someone saying that they had our tablet. I realized that I left them on the roof and I jumped out to find one of them still there. The one that was stacked on top, slid off on our first turn and the car behind us picked it up, looked through the contacts and called us. The best part is there was not even a scratch to the one that fell off the car. I'd say that's pretty rugged. I also noticed that the no slip case worked pretty good for the one that was still on the roof of our car."
"I got my son an Amazon Fire for Christmas and wanted to make sure he wouldnt break it so easy (he is 5). I ordered this and it has worked amazing for the past month. He has dropped it outside a few times and it protected it 100%. I have even thrown it (there was a spider and I freaked out) and nothing happened to it."

Bobj Cover Customer Reviews

Reviews From Families

"Wow! Whoever designed these cases deserves a medal. As any parent with kids will tell you, children are giant klutzes and are constantly tripping over themselves and breaking stuff. These cases are EXTREMELY durable and as long as you don't drop the screen directly onto a rock, you're not going to break anything. I'm highly impressed with their performance."

"This tablet will be used by a child who is autistic. The Bobj protective cover will go a long way to protect this tablet. He will be able to use his tablet in school and at home. His school work has improved immensely. Without this protective cover he would be unable to use this wonderful tool at school. He takes his tablet wherever he goes. It is calming for him. The Bobj cover has made a significant improvement in his education, his entertainment and it has helped with his communication skills."

"So the main reason i placed an order for this is that my young son (6) uses the Asus most and like most kids he is prone to the odd butter fingers situation. So was this a good purchase. 100% yes, simple yet effective the Bobj has saved the Asus already a number of times from falls on the pavement out side the house to drops off the bed and sofa. Cannot rate highly enough and the bonus is the big edges help my son grip the device as its the right size for his little fingers that have Arthritis in them so it will not be painful on the flight to Australia. Nice job Bobj"

"This is the best case I have ever seen. It is made of though, rugged material. It takes some force to get it on the tablet. Once on it provides an amazing amount of protection. If I could design a case for tablets for children, or myself, this would be it."

"There is no better case on the market! Perfect for a kid or clumsy adult, you could drop this off the empire state building and it would bounce. Worth every penny."

"My personal tablet and both my son's tablets are all protected by BobjGear bumpers and we have a standing joke about each time one of us drops our tablet, we simply tell the story followed by "Not A Scratch!" They are great for work environments, industrial or otherwise. In closing, they work!"

"I purchased the tablet for my grandson, who uses it everyday for communication purposes. I chose the tablet based on the availability of the Bobj case. I first looked for the case and then chose the tablet. I have used Bobj cases previously and wanted another one."

"Brilliant case, great for younger kids... Indestructible!!! Great seller too"

Reviews From Schools

"Nice product to protect from damage if dropped and children. I use it in my Kindergarten classroom.. what a lifesaver it has been!"

"These cases fit very snuggly on Samsung Galaxy 3 tablets. We use these with 6-8 year olds in a classroom setting, and they have held up great. The silicone case keeps the tablets from sliding off the desk and onto the floor, and is easy for little hands to hold onto."

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