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BobjGear SuperSpeed Adapter Installation

Model 4

Model 4

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
Type-A Ethernet Adapter


Installing is easy! You simply need to download the driver.
Just follow our simple steps.


For Chromebook: just plug it in, no driver needed


Other Operating Systems:

Easiest Procedure

1. Make sure you have a working WiFi or "other Ethernet" connection

2. Plug in the SuperSpeed Adapter (without the Ethernet cable attached to it) into your device's USB port


3. Choose YES, when prompted, to search the internet and find the drivers - the drivers will install from Microsoft's Libraries

4. Once you have the Windows driver installed, you can plug the Ethernet cable into the Adapter and test internet access through the Adapter

Note: If you previously plugged this Ethernet Adapter into your PC's USB port without having another (Wi-Fi) internet connection working, the prior procedure above will not work automatically a second time. You can alternatively start Device Manager , and click on "Update Driver" for this AX88179, within the Network Adapters category.

Second Easiest Procedure

1. Download the drivers HERE

2. Unzip the "Zip" folder to access them


3. Plug in the SuperSpeed Adapter and point to the unzipped folder when asked for the location of the drivers

Still having a problem?

Email and include your Amazon Order number.

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