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Bobj Bounces! Cases and Special Needs Children

When we designed the Bobj Bounces! Case, our goal was to create a very special custom fit case that would protect your tablet without hindering its performance. In doing that, the material we chose was a soft, top quality, FDA food-grade standard silicone that is comfortable in the hand. It provides the perfect amount of protection and cushioning for the tablet while offering the comfort and convenience to our customers.

After many years in business, we have come to learn that our cases often have a unique place in the special needs community. From both our customers of special needs organizations and parents of special needs children, we hear time and time again how our cases have been selected because of their unique texture and soothing grip they provide to the children.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our special needs customers for choosing BobjGear as their tablet case of choice. We could not be more honored that our case has been selected not only for its protection, but also for the comfort it provides to a child.

To those who are considering a Bobj Case for your special needs child but are not certain it will work for you, know that your purchase through Amazon is always refundable should you discover it does not suit your needs.


"This tablet will be used by a child who is autistic. The Bobj protective cover will go a long way to protect this tablet. He will be able to use his tablet in school and at home. His school work has improved immensely. Without this protective cover he would be unable to use this wonderful tool at school. He takes his tablet wherever he goes. It is calming for him. The Bobj cover has made a significant improvement in his education, his entertainment and it has helped with his communication skills."

The Bobj Bounces!® Cases are comfortable to hold and provide a secure grip.

Learn more amazing features of this design.

"I have a special needs child who is very rough on electronics. This works perfectly. It is also super easy for her to grip. I recommend to anyone who wants exceptional protection."


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