Amazon: In order to maintain quality customer service and expedite shipping, BobjGear sells exclusively through Amazon. The following Amazon sites fulfill and ship Bobjgear® products.

BobjGear Shipping

BobjGear Shipping
BobjGear Amazon Shipping

 amazon.com (Sold by BobjGear)

Ships to: U.S., + over 75 countries (see their website for specific locations)

amazon.co.uk (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within the EU

amazon.fr (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within France

amazon.it (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within Italy



 amazon.de (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within Germany

amazon.es (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within Spain

amazon.ca (Sold by BobjGearCA)

Ships within Canada



BobjGear Direct: If Amazon does not ship to your country, email us at bobjgear@gmail.com, indicating the product, color and quanitity you need. Include your shipping address so we can calculate your shipping costs and provide you with an invoice. You can pay the invoice online with PayPal or by credit card.

Volume Orders: If you would like to place a volume order,  please contact us directly and we will assist you.

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MyUS.com: MyUS.com offers fast, international shipping to more than 225 countries. Learn about MyUS.com and how to receive your own U.S. street address to purchase merchandise from one, or many, U.S. stores. MyUS.com provides specialized international package consolidation services from your new U.S. address to your international address.