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We stand by our products.

This Genuine BobjGear® Hub includes a two-year product warranty
and lifetime BobjGear technical support.*

BobjGear Hub

BobjGear® USB3 Powered 4-Port HUB - Android Tablet and Chromebook Compatible

BobjGear® USB3 Powered
4-Port HUB -
Android Tablet and Chromebook Compatible

Turn your tablet or PC into a full workstation by attaching more USB devices!

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports provide max data transfer rates (up to an amazing 5Gbp - actual speeds will be goverened by your devices' speeds)

  • 4th USB Port also provides fast charging mode to one accessory when your tablet or PC is sleeping or turned off

  • Built-in micro-surge protector in each port to protect your PC or tablet. Cool blue LEDs display the status of each port. Backward compatible with USB 2.0, USB 1.1, USB 1.0. Supports plug-n-play and hot swapping

  • Supports all Microsoft Windows versions, MAC OSx 10.2 or above, Linux, ChromeOS, and compatible Android tablets, Chromebooks, Android TV Sticks, Android Micro Boards (see description below)


This BobjGear USB 3.0 Hub lets you connect multiple USB accessories to your Android Tablet, Chromebook, Laptop, or PC with one connecting USB cable. This is an easy way to go from being "mobile" to "desktop" with your Android Tablet or Chromebook. Four cool Blue LED Lights indicate the status of each USB accessory port.

When your Tablet or PC is in sleep mode or turned off, the 4th USB port on this BobjGear Hub can also Fast Charge a device. Depending on a device's fast charging specification (BC2.1 Battery Charging Specifications), it typically features current limits between 1000mA and 1500mA, which this Hub provides. When your tablet of PC is not in sleep mode or not off, this 4th USB Port will still charge at normal rates. This current limit to power USB 2 configured accessories is the industry standard 500mA, and the current limit for USB 3 configured accessories is the industry standard 900mA. If your accessory requires significantly more power, requiring its own external AC power supply to work when it is connected directly to your Tablet or PC, it will still need that power supply to work through the Hub.


You can attach any of the following compatible accessories: Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Memory Sticks, USB Card Reader (SD or Micro SD), External Hard Drive, External SSD Drive, USB Cameras, Phone (to exchange data, not make calls), MP3 Player, Scanner, Keyboard, LED Reading Light. In addition, most other USB accessories that work without the Hub added, will also work with the Hub.


Compatibility: This USB Hub will not enable any accessory to work with your Tablet, TV Stick or PC, if the accessory does not work when directly connected. A compatible TABLET, PC, TV STICK or MICRO BOARD is one which works with the accessories attached one at a time directly to its USB port, without this Hub attached. A compatible ACCESSORY is one which works when connected directly to your Tablet's USB port or PC's USB port, without this Hub attached.

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