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What is a Genuine BobjGear® Brand Product?

A Genuine BobjGear Brand Product is a product manufactured and sold by BobjGear only. For best quality assurance, BobjGear sells through Amazon exclusively. To be sure our products are genuine, you must purchase a BobjGear item that is not only sold on Amazon but fulfilled by Amazon through the BobjGear Amazon store.

Genuine BobjGear Brand Products can be purchased through the following Amazon sites only:


Australia (Sold by BobjGearAU)

Ships within Australia

Canada (Sold by BobjGearCA)

Ships within Canada

EU (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within the EU

France (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within France

Germany (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within Germany

Italy (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within Italy

Mexico (Sold by BobjGearU.S.)

Ships from the United States

Spain (Sold by BobjGearEU)

Ships within Spain

U.S. (Sold by BobjGearU.S.)

Ships to: U.S., + over 75 countries (see their website for specific locations)

For all locations that these sites do not service, you may contact

and we will sell and ship directly to you.

For a full Bobj Case product description click here.


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