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We've Got You Covered In The Classroom

Practical - Protective - Fun

Bobj Tablet Covers for Schools

Bobj Bounces!® Cases have proven to be the most affordable and effective way to protect those overused (and sometimes abused) - yet very important - classroom tablets. That's why hundreds of schools worldwide have already chosen Bobj Bounce Cases above all others for their classroom. Take a look at some of the reasons.


BobjGear Bobj Cover Quality for Classroom Tablets

We make it easy.

• Best Tablet Protection

• Volume Discounts (not all locations)

• Free Shipping (one U.S. location)

• Outstanding Customer Service

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BobjGear Tablet Protection in the Classroom

Protection. Protection. Protection. We've said it before, but we'll say it again, because this is WHY Bobj designed this case - to protect your tablet. Your tablet sits tight with a perfect, snug fit and extra shock absorption. Bobj Bounces!® The smooth, rounded edges not only look and feel nice - (kids LOVE the comfortable grip), they give your screen added protection in a drop!

Quality All Bobj Cases are made from the finest quality silicone that meets FDA food-grade requirements, with virtually no "silicone smell" typically found in other products.

Affordable We keep our cases reasonably priced, ranging
from $11.95 - $24.95 each. We also offer educational discounts for volume orders (not all locations). Contact us for details:

BobjGear Bobj Covers Washable for Classrooms

Washable Every Bobj Case is made from one single piece of silicone, making it easy to slip on and off (don't worry.. not too easy for small hands) and also making it easy to wash. We know keeping your classroom germ-free is important, too.

Speakers Whether your model requires a precise cut or reverberating chambers, our speaker designs make your sound top notch. Most teachers have commented on the improved sound experience.

BobjGear Bobj Covers Speaker Chamber Design
BobjGear Bobj Covers Buttons

It's The Small Things Every port and switch is accommodated for each tablet. We've even added extra camera and mic protection. Buttons and switches are covered making them easier to use and keeping dirt out!

Fun It can't be all studies and no play! We've created an exciting palette of colors. Select different colors for different classrooms!

BobjGear Bobj Covers Color Selection
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