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Which devices support the BobjGear Ethernet Adapters?

Before you purchase one of our fast Ethernet Adapters, you want to make sure it will be supported by your device. This page will give you everything you need to know (and more!) so you can be sure our Adapter is right for you.

7 Facts about
"Ethernet Enabled" Android tablets?

1) The Tablet Manufacturer must have included Android specific Ethernet code in their version of Android. They must also have compiled Ethernet Drivers into their Versions of Android. 
Some tablet manufacturers remove the Ethernet code from some of their Versions of Android. A few tablet manufacturers remove Android's Ethernet code from every version of Android.

2) The Tablet must have a full-sized USB port, or have a full-sized USB port on their docks or keyboard/dock. Alternatively, they can have an industry compliant Mini-USB/OTG port or an industry compliant Micro-USB-OTG port. If your Mini-USB or Micro-USB port is not an OTG capable port, it must then be a HOST MODE port. A "Client mode" Micro-USB port or a "Client mode" Mini-USB port on your tablet will not power an Ethernet adapter.

3) Your OTG or HOST USB port needs to supply an industry standard of 500mA to power the Adapter. Some Tablet Manufacturers do not follow industry power supply standards for USB ports. All Ethernet Adapters drain tablet batteries at a noticable rate. Your Tablet's battery capacity is the primary determinant of how soon you will need to recharge your battery when using an Ethernet Adapter. Note: You cannot charge your tablet and use the Ethernet Adapter at the same time, if your tablet uses the same Micro-USB-OTG port for both functions. 

4) If your Tablet Manufacturer (or Google) updates Android, their new update must also contain tested Ethernet code for the Adapter to continue to work. This is why you can buy a tablet that works with wired Ethernet today, but might also stop working if your Android version
is updated.

5) Your Ethernet cable should be a CAT-5e or CAT-6 type, and the other end of the cable must be plugged into a router assigning IP addresses (DHCP=YES). This is the normal network configuration most households use. If you have set up your network to use Static IP addresses, your tablet's Ethernet UI ("User Interface," in your Android Settings) must be able to assign the Static IP, or you can alternatively set the Static IP using your router's menus.

6) Once the Adapter is attached and Android has recognized it, for some tablets, you may also need to go to Android Settings, and below the Wi-Fi on/off switch you may find a new Ethernet on/off switch setting has appeared. If the Android Setting "Ethernet" is turned off you must turn it on.


7) This USB-RJ45 adapter also works with Android tablets that have a Micro-USB-OTG Port if you add a Micro-USB/OTG cable. It must be an OTG port, not a Micro-USB CLIENT port or a Mini-USB CLIENT port. Note: Some bargain brand tablet makers mislabel a Micro-USB CLIENT port or a Mini-USB CLIENT port as an "OTG" port when it is not.

Here are some simple rules to keep in mind...


Rule 1: Only some Android tablets support Ethernet -

- and therefore only some tablets support this adapter. This adapter will only work with your tablet, if your tablet hardware AND if your tablet manufacturer's current Android configuration supports wired internet (Ethernet). * Note: Any Device Manufacturer that supports Ethernet under it's current Android version, could stop supporting Ethernet tomorrow in a future Android update.


Some Manufacturer's Android hardware and their current configuration of Android is "Ethernet Enabled" and others are "NOT Ethernet Enabled," therefore do not purchase any version or model of the tablets listed below without first researching their Ethernet capability in your network environment.

Rule 2: Ethernet support is not a requirement for an Android Device.
Any Android Device Manufacturer that supports Ethernet under it's current version, could stop supporting Ethernet under its future Android versions. Because of the uncertain commitment of the Android Tablet Manufacturing Community to support Ethernet in Android, we do not recommend using this Android Ethernet Adapter for commercial or business-critical Ethernet-dependent solutions, or for long term systems implementations. For these applications, we recommend MS Windows or Linux based solutions.

Rule 3: This Adapter is not for Phones (or MP3 Players.) It is for Android tablets.

The circuitry of most phones are not designed to bear the current loads of Ethernet Adapters.

The following Android Tablets were tested by us at the time of purchase (or reported by customers) to work with the BobjGear Android Ethernet Adapter at a point in time.
Note: We are not recommending you purchase any of these devices, since wired Ethernet is not a working requirement of any of these devices or of Android. If your USB port is an OTG type port you also need a full-size female USB to Micro-OTG male cable (or, if your tablet has a Mini-OTG port, you need a full-size USB female to Mini-OTG male cable). Versions tested were U.S. configurations.

Scroll or search through the list of COMPATIBLE DEVICES

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablets also work with this adapter
(Windows "RT" Tablets do not):

Windows tablets require driver installation. Keep Wi-Fi connected to the internet before plugging in the USB-RJ45 adapter for the first time, and Windows will be able to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and install the driver from Microsoft's Library.

This Ethernet Adapter Works with MS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (only the "x86 version," 32 bit and 64 bit). 

Some of the new, super-thin (Ultra-book type) laptops do not have Ethernet ports. With Windows, if you have a Wi-Fi connection, the driver will install automatically when you plug in the adapter. This adapter will also work ON WINDOWS, LINUX, AND MAC computers lacking Ethernet ports, by installing the appropriate driver manually, if it is not already resident on your system, or the driver does not automatically install.

*This adapter does not work with Windows RT or with ARM processors.


The following devices DO NOT work with our Adapters.


Android phones, Windows Phones, or any other phone Operating System do not work with the BobjGear Adapters. Even if you read someone has been able to get their phone to work with an Ethernet adapter, you should confirm with the phone manufacturer or wireless carrier that your phone's smaller battery and circuitry can handle the current requirements.

Scroll or search through the list of devices that DO NOT work

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