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Bobj Rugged Case for Lenovo Tab 4 8-inch

(MODELS TB-8504F or TB-8504X)


When you, or a little one in your household, drops that lovely piece of technology, the last thing you want is for it to break! We have spent hours designing our cases specific to each tablet model. This means they fit perfectly, hugging every edge with built in BobjBounces!® corners to absorb the shock from those tumbles.

  • Advanced Shock Absorption For Edges And Corners

  • Rounded Front Bezel Helps To Protect The Screen

  • Accommodates All Ports And Switches

  • Comfortable Grip

  • Kid Friendly, Easy To Clean, Food Grade Silicone

  • Acoustic Chambers Direct Sound Toward The User

  • Passive Airflow Cooling

  • Extra Protection For Camera, Mic

  • Easy Off-Screen To On-Screen Swipes

  • Great Color Selection.

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