The Difference Is In The Details

Rugged Protection


When you, or a little one in your household, drops that lovely piece of technology, the last thing you want is for it to break! Bobj has spent hours designing the cases specific to each tablet model. This means they fit perfectly, hugging every edge with built in BobjBounces!® corners to absorb the shock from those tumbles.

The front, rounded bezel adds extra screen protection. The texture is smooth, making it comfortable to hold, but with a grip that helps to keep it from slipping off tables or desks.

"I design my products
I know
I would want to buy them
for myself

above all others."

- Bobj



Thoughtful Design


Sound: Whether your model requires a precise cut or reverberating chambers, our speaker designs keep your sound top notch. Repeatedly, our customers have commented on the improved sound experience with the Bobj Case.

Cooling: All Bobj Cases are specially designed and tested to ensure proper cooling of your tablet. This means the Bobj Case will not will not cause overheating of your tablet.

It's In The Details: Every port, button, camera and switch, has been considered, accommodated and protected for your specific model. Nothing has been overlooked. The covered switches protect them from dirt and make them easier to press.


Finest Quality

All Bobj Cases are made from the highest quality silicone that meets FDA food-grade requirements, with virtually no "silicone smell" typically found in other silicone products. They are constructed of one solid, flexible piece, which makes them easy to put on and remove but have a perfectly snug fit. The best part? They are fully washable!

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